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Social Security Timing

“We help you answer your most important question”

  • We help you answer your most important question— Should you file early or wait for your benefit to grow? The laws have recently changed, but various strategies can still be applied to maximize your income.
  • We frequently add $100,000 or more to a married couple’s expected Social Security lifetime income by utilizing the proper timing of when each spouse should claim their benefits.
  • If you born before Jan. 2, 1954 you have access to some special claiming strategies that can mean substantial dollars in your pocket. Contact us now.
  • We prepare extensive complimentary reports for you which coordinate all the pieces of your financial puzzle, including Social Security claiming strategies.
  • Our normal hourly financial planning fees are waived for Social Security Income planning clients because it is so critical for you to access our input. This can save you money while you research your options.
  • Our team runs frequent seminars on Social Security income planning. Call us at 217-494-0439 for upcoming dates in your area. If you’re too busy to attend the events, request a personalized appointment and we will go over your unique data with you.
  • Your current financial advisor may be good at growth over time but may not be prepared to assist you with income distribution at retirement. We do the planning that they may not be doing.
  • Make an appointment now to zero in on this critical area which can have major impact on your financial security.