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Talking About Life Insurance: What It Can Do for You

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Talking About Life Insurance: What It Can Do for You

Talking about life insurance may not be at the top of your “Things I Love to Do” list, but you may be surprised by the peace of mind that foresight will give your loved ones. An unexpected death can bring about a multitude of challenges and life insurance can make that time a little easier for those financially depending on you.

Is life insurance simply a monetary value applied to someone’s life? No, the goal of life insurance is to assist in compensating for financial consequences that inevitably accompany a death. It can help cover the costs of final expenses, outstanding debts and mortgages, planned educational expenses and lost income. Most importantly, life insurance can do all of this at a time when family members are dealing with great loss.

If anyone relies on you financially, you likely need life insurance, particularly if you are a spouse, life partner or the parent of dependent children. You may also need life insurance if you are an ex-spouse, a child of dependent parents, a sibling of a dependent adult, an employer or a business partner. Even if you are securely retired or financially independent — and no one would suffer financially if you were no longer here — you may still want to consider using life insurance as a strategic financial tool.

Do you have questions? Just ask for information regarding the pros and cons of various policies as they relate to your particular needs.

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